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Public Funds investors face a demanding environment. Investment Officers and Treasurers must have their investments working continuously for them. Safety, liquidity and yield are fundamental objectives.


SUITABILITY: Higgins Capital has worked with Public Funds for over 2 decades.  We provide our clients with suitable investments based on our thorough knowledge of California Code 53601, its related provisions and your Investment Policy.





CREDENTIALS:  The principals at Higgins Capital are active in all aspects of Public Funds investing.  Deborah M. Higgins is a member of the City of San Diego Investment Advisory Committee.  She is currently serving her fourth term on CDIAC's Investment Advisory Committee.  Raymond L. Higgins has served as a member of the CMTA Board and as a member of the CMTA Educational Committee.  He has also served as a member of the APTUS&C's Investment Policy Certification Committee.


PRICING:  Higgins Capital is an independent Broker Dealer.  Our clients consistently get competitive levels because of our unique ability to Shop the Street and capture value through the difference in pricing shown by various dealers.