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Delivery Instructions for Higgins Capital:

RBC Wealth Management

510 Marquette Ave., South

Minneapolis , MN 55402




Delivery Instructions Must Include Client Name and RBC Account Number


DTC Eligible Securities:                                                             #0235

Tax ID: 41-1416330

Phone: (612) 607-8229

Fax: (612) 607-8224



Physical Checks:                                                                            RBC Wealth Mgt.Treasury Lock Box

(Please print T/a & our account #)                                                 for the account of__________________

                                                                                                       SDS 12-1190

                                                                                                       P.O. Box 86

                                                                                                       Minneapolis , MN 55486-1190


Physical Delivery:

(Please print T/A & our account #)                                                  RBC Wealth Management

                                                                                                       For the account of: ______________

                                                                                                       510 Marquette Ave., S, Attn: M-12-Acct Trf

                                                                                                       Minneapolis, MN 55402



Through the House Federal Funds:                                                  Envelope Y-#235/NSCCs New York Facility

                                                                                                       NSCC/ New York Window Attn: Carl

                                                                                                       55 Water St., 3rd Floor-Plaza Level

                                                                                                       RBC Wealth Management



Euroclear Securities:                                                                        Bank of New York, Act 21830

                                                                                                       Euroclear 21430




Commercial Paper, Bankers Acceptance:                                        Bank of New York Acct: DRG

                                                                                                       One Wall St., 3 rd Fl. Window B-Securities Processing

                                                                                                       NY, NY 10015



GNMA Book Entry (PTC):                                                             BNDRG, Further credit the account of_______


Govt. Wireable:                                                                            BK of NYC/DSP, ABA #: 021000018

                                                                                                       Further credit the account of: ________________


Wired Funds:                                                                                  US Bank: ABA#091000022

                                                                                                       Acct: RBC Capital Markets Corp. #160230097208

                                                                                                       Further credit the account of :_________________



Mutual Funds:                                                                                  IRA Accounts:

                                                                                                       RBC Wealth Management, Custodian

                                                                                                       FBO: ________________________

                                                                                                       Acct #: _______________________




Broker/Dealer Instructions:                                                              510 Marquette Ave., S, Attn: M12-Act Trf

(If B/D Agreement exists)                                                                Minneapolis, MN 55402

                                                                                                       Tax ID: 41-1416330



RBC Wealth Management                                                              Cash Accounts:

                                                                                                      60 South Sixth Street

                                                                                                      Minneapolis , MN 55402-4422 FAO: ____________

                                                                                                      Acct # ________________

                                                                                                      510 Marquette Avenue S., Attn: M12-Act Trf

                                                                                                      Minneapolis, MN 55402